How you can support The Community Fund


Have you thought about it?

This program allows employees to make regular donations from their pay.  As little as $2 per pay cycle is fully tax deductible and over 12 months this adds up to a generous contribution to our fundraising efforts. Workplace Giving is as easy at 1, 2, 3 to set up and often a group of employees decide to sign up together as a way to support The Community Fund. Very often the workplace will agree to match the employee donations to acknowledge the community spirit of their team.

You can contact us to find out more or first talk to your workplace about setting up this payroll deduction and let us know what we can do to support you. Minimal effort is required to set up your regular deduction, follow the link to download the authorisation form. Once complete, please provide us with a copy.


MATCHING DONATIONS -   You may like to partner with a group or organization who is raising funds for The Community Fund and match $ for $ what they raise. This is a great way to participate without having to come up with your own fundraising. Donations more than $2 are fully tax deductible.


TAX TIME DONATIONS - The Community Fund is fundraising 24/7, but we understand the end of the financial year could suit you or your business to make a financial gift towards the work we do. This donation is 100% fully tax deductible.


FUNDRAISING – This can be done through holding events, organising something through your school or workplace, or nominating The Community Fund as the beneficiary of any other activities where money is collected for donation to the community. We would be happy to assist you with ideas and options for fundraising.


DONATIONS -  Many individuals and families within the Goulburn Valley Community have donated generously to The Community Fund in support of its work to help benefit the lives of those less fortunate than them. We know you work hard to earn your money, so we give a guarantee we are going to work even harder with that money to make an impact where it is needed most. Donations more than $2 are full tax deductible.


VOLUNTEER -   There are many ways to contribute to The Community Fund and volunteering your time to a project or program is a very worthwhile and rewarding exercise. Many of the projects The Community Fund is involved in rely heavily on volunteers, so your time and expertise would be welcomed.  Some examples are school based breakfast and lunch programs, Christmas for Those Alone on Christmas Day, Foodshare and craft for the elderly. Please contact us if you would like to know more.


How to donate

You can make a DIRECT DEPOSIT  with the bank account details above; or send a CHEQUE to The Community Fund, PO BOX 848, Shepparton, 3632.

If you do make a direct deposit to The Community Fund Goulburn Valley please click on the button below to also fill out our

direct deposit donation form, and use the same name as your reference on the bank deposit. 


Bank:  GMCU

BSB: 803 078

ACCOUNT: 1000 19671


Goulburn Valley Community Fund



Goulburn Valley Community Fund

PO BOX 848,

Shepparton, 3632.

All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible. Please make sure you have your correct email address on the deposit form so a tax receipt can be sent to you.


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